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Hi, I’m Annika Wittrock,
Annika Wittrock - Digital Marketing for the Art Market
My mission is to empower artists and art galleries through unique Brand Building, compelling Storytelling, and entrepreneurial thinking!
I am a Digital Marketing Consultant specializing in the Art Market. With over a decade of experience in Startup- und Ecommerce-Marketing, I’ve honed my skills in building brands from scratch.
However, my true passion lies in the art world.After obtaining a degree in Art Curation from the Berlin University of the Arts, I immersed myself in working with galleries and art institutions. I quickly realized that my entrepreneurial expertise and background in digital marketing were invaluable assets sorely needed within the art industry.
I also saw a need for modernization,as many structures no longer align with the rapidly evolving market. As a trained New Work Facilitator, I’m committed to driving cultural change and empowering individuals and organizations to adapt to the demands of the modern art landscape.
Let’s unlock the full potential of your artistic endeavors together.
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